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This article was from a long time ago. Unfortunately, this server has been removed.

Information Edit

The Prison Server is what it is called, a Prison. The aim of this server is to escape the prison. You earn money to rank up from rank A to rank Z and at last the FREE rank which means you escaped the prison.

The Ranks Edit

We have 27 prison ranks. Each rank has a different rankup value. Use the command /rankup to check how much you need to rankup.

  1. A Rank
  2. B Rank
  3. C Rank
  4. D Rank
  5. E Rank
  6. F Rank
  7. G Rank
  8. H Rank
  9. I Rank
  10. J Rank
  11. K Rank
  12. L Rank
  13. M Rank
  14. N Rank
  15. O Rank
  16. P Rank
  17. Q Rank
  18. R Rank
  19. S Rank
  20. T Rank
  21. U Rank
  22. V Rank
  23. W Rank
  24. X Rank
  25. Y Rank
  26. Z Rank
  27. Free Rank

Mines Edit

Each rank has a specific mine for them to earn money. The mines in every rank are different. Each rank has a warp. Free rank does not have a mine, but you go to the previous mines.

The Shops Edit

Each mine has a specific shop for them to earn money.[E 1] The shops in every mine are different. The shops are located next to the This is an OP Prison so the rankup price will be expensive, while the selling prices of the items will also be expensive

Others Edit

Kits Edit

Each rank has a specific kit for mining in their own mine.

Trivia Edit

  1. This server was closed down due to a poll in the forums.[R 1]

Errors Edit

  1. The shops from S to Z are not created. You can only sell things at the R Mine's Shop. (21 Jan 2015)

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